Ageing Fearlessly
Karen Sander


Ageing is inevitable; growing old is a choice

So when it comes to your life, what choice will you make when the inevitable happens to you?

Will you become invisible and step back from living, or instead choose to Age Fearlessly and live the life you have always wanted?


Book - Ageing Fearlessly for Women
At long last, here is a book for people who want to smash the perception of age and live long vital, healthy lives doing what they have always wanted to do – and not what society considers is “age appropriate”

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Speaker and Coach
Through her keynotes and workshops, Karen provides her audience with an interactive experience, one which draws the audience into the discussion around ageing, encouraging them to start their journey towards becoming the best version of themselves today

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Karen is much sought after by media to discuss ageing appearing across major media houses, including Macquarie Radio, Fairfax Media, News Corp. She also hosts her own radio program on Northern Beaches Radio and is the director of the Ageing Fearlessly TV

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