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Sylvia Westerhof

Shaun Denton

Jim “Bull” Bullard

Cameron Daddo

Nim Ghoklar

The Storytellers

Sylvia Westerhof

Sylvia left school at 15 to become hairdresser in the UK then later a model and fashion buyer. After leaving the UK for Australia she became the Sales and Marketing Manager for Givenchy perfumes. Bravely in her 40s, she went back to school to complete her HSC followed by a university degree at the age of 50. 

The latter part of her career was spent as an art teacher. Never one to rest on her laurels, Sylvia became a Civil Marriage Celebrant conducting over 100 weddings as well as several funerals. These days Sylvia is a part Northern Beaches Accapella Chorus and is hoping to compete in the National Championships in Hobart in May.


Shaun Denton

Local Builder Shaun Denton looks at some of the experiences of life in the ocean. Shaun’s dry sense of humour is a true joy. Mornings are spent with local swimmers then off to manage his business and support his team of tradies. Shaun could tell a story underwater if he had the chance.  A natural prankster, he is one to have on your team, beware you may be his next victim…

Nim Ghoklar

Nim Gholkar moved to Australia in the mid-1990s shortly after an arranged marriage in Mumbai, India. Hers is a quintessential migrant achievement story. Working her way through different corporate roles while raising a family, Nim’s successful navigation of challenges became the cornerstone of her popular empowerment programmes. A charismatic speaker, Nim has presented on a wide range of topics across Australia, India, Dubai, Egypt and Thailand. She’s the author of three popular books: ‘Diary of an Immigrant Bride’; ‘Unlock The Real You’ and the recently launched ‘A Little Wiser, A Little Happier’. 

Jim “Bull’ Bullard

Jim “Bull” Bullard is a 55yr old FFG (former fat guy) who, following a car accident, lost the kilogram weight of a whole person in 6 months while teaching himself to run in 2012 and now runs almost exclusively barefoot, is a lover of endurance events and a Death Racer. Jim likes to live outside the envelope and do the things that scare him and that he is not confident of completing. He believes that only through failure and hardship and being uncomfortable do we grow.

He has a passion for helping to pave the way for Australians competing in overseas endurance events and revels in the idea that people of all ages, shapes and walks of life CAN get out of their comfort zone to better themselves and those around them. His motto is Molon Lave (Come and Take them- Greek origin). His signature is No Retreat, No Surrender, No Prisoners.

Cameron Daddo

Cameron Daddo joined the local Manly swim-set three years ago and has been a regular attendee ever since. e’s a husband, a father and on his day, quite a good golfer. His day job is a night job: as the number one FM music show host at nights on Sydney’s smooth FM. Cameron carved out a career as a producer, director, musical theatre performer, musician and multi-award winning TV and film actor.

Cameron will shortly feature in Channel 7’s iconic series Home & Away. He can be heard online with his wife Ali on their podcast Separate Bathrooms for handy marriage tips… Cam is also very passionate about shining a light on men’s emotional health and wellbeing with his Men’s Team website and initiative. 

Simla Sooboodoo

Your Host and Founder of Story Room: Karen Sander

Karen Sander is an accomplished author, producer and storyteller. She has written for publications such as Life Begins At magazine and published her first book Ageing Fearlessly for Women in 2015.

She is a regular interviewer on community TV program Joy’s World, started her own community TV program Ageing Fearlessly and has her own podcast Ageing Fearlessly, recorded at Northern Beaches Radio. Karen has been a regular guest on commercial radio, including 3AW, 2UE, 2GB and Capital Radio.

Community is central to the Story Room ethos and Karen is passionate about creating spaces for communities to come together. 


Venue – Henry’s Rooftop Bar – 75 The Corso, Manly 2075

Doors open 6.15pm

Story Telling 7-9pm

Cost: $30


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