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After a very successful opening event in March 2020, the year Covid-19, put a stop to many events, Story Room is making a come back. So take the opportunity to come along and enjoy the energy and connection that Story Room offers. Join the 6 talented storytellers at the new look, Henry’s Rooftop, The Steyne Hotel

Stories make us human they help connect the dots, our history, our lives. Story Room is about connecting community through the power of story. The storytellers who come from many different walks of like and they will share a personal true story based on the theme When Life Gives You Lemons”

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The Storytellers

“When Life Gives you Lemons”

Catherine DeVrye

Geoff Williams – The Jped

Jim “Bull” Bullard

Michael Allwright

Nim Ghoklar

Simla Sooboodoo

The Storytellers

Catherine De Vrye

Catherine DeVrye is best-selling author of 9 books translated into a dozen languages. The former Australian Executive Woman of the Year and twice voted Keynote Speaker of the Year understands resilience from both a professional and personal perspective, from starting life in a Canadian orphanage to arriving in Australia with $200. With speaking engagements in over 30 countries and visits to over 135, the former IBM executive values the diversity of our world as we all share similar challenges and hopes

Jim “Bull” Bullard

Jim ‘Bull” Bullard is a 55yr old FFG (former fat guy) who, following a car accident, lost the kilogram weight of a whole person in 6 months while teaching himself to run in 2012. Jim now runs almost exclusively barefoot, is a lover of endurance events and a Death Racer. Jim likes to live outside the envelope, do things he is not confident of completing, things that scare him. He believes that only through failure, hardship and being uncomfortable do we grow.

He has a passion for helping to pave the way for Australians competing in overseas endurance events. Jim revels in the idea that people of all ages, shapes and walks of life CAN get out of their comfort zone, to better themselves and those around them. His motto is Molon Lave (Come and Take them- Greek origin). His signature is No Retreat, No Surrender, No Prisoners.

Nim Gholkar

Nim Gholkar is an author, international speaker and life coach based in Sydney, Australia. Hers is a quintessential migrant achievement story. Working her way up through different corporate roles while raising a family, Nim’s successful navigation of challenges became the cornerstone of her popular empowerment programmes.

Through her businesses ‘Nims Media’ and ‘Nims Academy Australia’, Nim continues to inspire global audiences and helps young and old alike, to become a little wiser and a little happier in their personal and professional lives. Nim is the author of 4 popular books: ‘Diary of an Immigrant Bride’, ‘Unlock The Real You’, ‘A Little Wiser, A Little Happier’ and ‘Success Café’.

Michael Allwright

Michael Allwright is a data scientist with a mathematical background. After some personal transformational experiences, Michael moved his work to neuroscience and data.

In 2015 Michael started ‘Homeless In Focus”, a charity empowering people affected by homelessness through photography and entrepreneurship. So far over 600 cameras have been handed to people affected by homelessness and to indigenous children.

Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams is a man with many strings to his bow. A man with a passion for everything life has to offer.

Nothing holds him back. He is a retired School Principal, having served around NSW, including Neutral Bay Public and Boorowa Central School for 40 years. He served as president of the Neutral Bay Rotary Club, is a well-respected singer/songwriter and an active member and radio host at Radio Northern Beaches. His programs High Noon and All That Jazz are popular weekly shows.

Geoff’s lifelong love of music has given so much joy to others. Geoff writes and performs country music songs on a range of themes and enjoys adding a touch of humour whenever possible. Geoff has performed at venues all over Australia including the Tamworth Country Music Festival

Simla Sooboodoo

Simla Sooboodoo is a Serial Social Entrepreneur, a Jill of all trades!Hailing from the small Island of Mauritius and suffering her own share of hardships as a child, it was the chance to immigrate to Australia that allowed her to spread her wings and grow. In 2007 Simla was found in a coma and was diagnosed with a Brain Aneurysm. With only a 10% chance of survival, let alone regaining her memory, it was a miracle she made it through.Following this life-changing journey, her appreciation and focus on life changed. “I had been given a second chance, and I knew I had to find a way to give others that second chance too…”

She founded a tour company specialising in social impact and cultural immersion tours. Alongside her work within the tourism industry, Simla is also a passionate and prominent keynote speaker, spreading the message of empowerment and inspiration to sessions around the globe. In recent years, Sooboodoo has produced the award-winning documentary, Dehlight, highlighting the empowerment concept in film, and most recently founded SLAK flowers in Sydney.But more than any fancy title, she is a true advocate for empowerment – and a true believer in positive change at a grassroots level. To say Simla is relentless in her goals is an understatement, and much of this comes from her own story. Speaking from the heart, Simla infects audiences with her positive attitude and belief that there is no reason to complain, squeeze the lemon in your eyes for a clearer vision!  

Your Host and Founder of Story Room: Karen Sander

Karen Sander is an accomplished author, producer and storyteller. She has written for publications such as Life Begins At magazine and published her first book Ageing Fearlessly for Women in 2015.

She is a regular interviewer on community TV program Joy’s World, started her own community TV program Ageing Fearlessly and has her own podcast Ageing Fearlessly, recorded at Northern Beaches Radio. Karen has been a regular guest on commercial radio, including 3AW, 2UE, 2GB and Capital Radio.

Community is central to the Story Room ethos and Karen is passionate about creating spaces for communities to come together. 


Date: Tuesday 2nd February, 2021

Venue: Hotel Steyne, 75 The Corso, Manly, NSW 2095

Doors open: 6.15pm

Story Telling: 7-9pm

Cost: $33


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