How Tinder can help you overcome ageism

By Karen Sander, Founder of Ageing Fearlessly

There is no question that if you are aged over 55 and seeking work that there are some significant hurdles you will face.

For instance, nearly a third of over 55’s say they have experienced ‘ageism’ in applying for work. Whilst studies show that being over 55 is the hardest age bracket to find work, with an average of 66 weeks unemployed.

Based on this negativity, surely it’s time for us ‘oldies’ to throw in the towel and surrender to the notion that we will not find our post 55 career.

So why bother trying?

Well let me tell you why. The whole reason for this negativity around over 55’s is, well in truth caused by the negative attitude of the over 55’s, and it is time that we started to do something about it.

So, the very first step is to acknowledge that nothing will change in our lives if we allow fear to dictate our existence and simply stop trying.

For it is fear that generates these negative thoughts. Fear of the unknown, fear that we are not good enough, fear that the by applying for work that we will be exposed as frauds.

So now it is time overcome your fears and step forward. So when you come across that perfect job you do not hold yourself back because you do not tick every box. Instead take a look at the job description, and if that’s the job for you then you hit apply, as your fear will rule you out unless you try.

Now how things work out from here is really up to you, and if you have been struggling with your inner demons as you seek work, well there is only one way forward, and that is start taking a positive approach to all aspects of your world.

Firstly, start your day with the right attitude and frame your mind to approach each day as a new adventure, where anything is possible. As how you start your morning will impact upon how your day will go.

Now take a look at your appearance. Are you dressing for the success that you want in the latter part of your life?

If not, it’s time to dump the ‘slobbish’ clothes and get some stylish gear on. If a few pounds have snuck up on you over time, then let’s get fit and kick into diet mode. As how we see ourselves outwardly, impacts greatly upon our self-esteem.

Remember procrastination is the thief of time, so the longer you wait to take positive action in your life, the more days of living the life you deserve you will lose.

Now that you are applying for the jobs you want, and have the right attitude on life, let’s go ahead and land that dream job.

When it comes to the interview, remember Tinder is right. Yes you read correctly, Tinder is right and first impressions are the most lasting and as quickly as we swipe left or right on a dating app, is as quickly as an interviewer has swiped left or right in their mind as you enter the room, so make sure you are dressed with attitude.

Now, before you head in for the interview, let’s get your mental attitude right. Firstly have a look at your posture and strike up a power pose in the mirror, shoulders back, upright, confident, calm yourself with deep breaths. Obviously do this in the rest room, rather than reception or the PA’s office.

Now you are ready, get into that room and be the fearless you. Let them see the real you and the asset you will be to their business.

Hey, you might not get every job that you apply for, however if you take the right attitude and leave your fear at home, it will not be long before you are well entrenched in your post 50s career.

If you are over 50 and would like to discover more information on how Karen can help you lead the life you deserve, then why not reach out to Karen today