“Age is a number, one that should never define who you are or how you live” – Karen Sander, Founder of Ageing Fearlessly

“Ageing is inevitable; growing old is a choice. So when it comes to your life, what choice will you make when the inevitable happens to you, will you become invisible and step back from living, or instead choose to Age Fearlessly and live the life you have always wanted?”


A dynamic speaker, Karen’s keynotes are perfect to inspire a corporate audience and the general public alike, sharing with them her powerful story of overcoming the hurdles life put in front of us, teaching all that we are never too young to live fearlessly.

With Australia’s population ageing and retirement being pushed further and further back, Karen’s keynote helps to prepare attendees for whatever life throws at them as they grow older, using the power of positive ageing to inspire them to:

  • Find their real value and restore their confidence in themselves
  • Take responsibility to improve the longevity and quality of their own lives
  • To commence their journey to a fulfilling, positive and vital life

Powerful and authentic, Karen bravely takes her audience through her inspiring story of overcoming acute anxiety and lack of confidence through her fearless approach to ageing, one that has seen her today living life to the fullest and includes:

  • Being a media personality across radio and print across the country
  • The publishing of her own book ‘Ageing Fearlessly’
  • Being invited to smash the ageing myth around the nation

Karen provides her audience with an interactive experience, one which draws them into the discussion around ageing, encouraging them to start their journey towards becoming the best version of themselves today.



Joy Hruby. OAM Contribution to Entertainment
“For the past 12 months Karen has been conducting interviews on my program, Joy’s World for Community Television. Karen is a competent interviewer always drawing out important and relevant information from our guests on the program. Karen is confident on stage as a speaker and adds value to every event”
Loraine Ploeman & Daniella Cowen – The Lightworkers Initiative
“ Karen's speech was uplifting and inspirational. She was able to transform her, sometimes painfully learned, life lessons into wisdom which we all benefitted from. Karen's speech was authentic and spoken directly from her heart, with a great touch of humour. She was a delight to listen too.”
Jane Jackson – Author of Navigating Career Crossroads #1 Amazon Australia best seller
"Karen Sander is a woman on a mission to prove to all that age really is just a number. It’s so true that ageing is inevitable but growing old is a choice. Karen’s energy, enthusiasm, positivity and talent is inspirational. Her personal journey is one that gives you a huge motivational lift and to watch her in action is a joy.”

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