The Dash

Have you ever read the poem “The Dash”?  What is “The Dash”, you might ask?

The Dash is the line between your birth date and the day you pass from this life.  The Dash tells your story, so make it a good one, with no regrets. Your Dash is not a dress rehearsals, it is the main event, so you are centre stage with the spotlight on you. No time to sit around and wait for things to come to you, you have to go out and make it happen.

You may have heard the saying  “Dance like no one is watching.”  – Well start dancing, it’s never too late.

My advice when it comes to financials and work is to choose something you love and are passionate about, something that challenges you and allows you to achieve your dreams and give back to this world.

Recently I found my passion and I am on an amazing adventure building a home based business supported by a phenomenal company that embraces the latest scientific technology in anti-ageing. The products are derived from adult human stem cells and use an external and internal approach to slow the ageing process and improve overall wellness.

My home based business allows me to share the knowledge of anti-ageing and how to build a business to satisfy dreams based and individual visions. I love that we can all do business, in 85 countries, and not have be tied to a desk from 9-5

So on that note, I must dash because today I have a tight schedule. I have to jump on a plane to Thailand.  I will manage a quick walk on the beach and a coffee before I go.

Oh, why am I off to Thailand you ask? 

I am going to the annual company Expo in Pattaya, so I can to learn about the new anti-ageing products and to meet with other home business builders. I have three days in Pattaya, and 12 days ‘R’ and ‘R’ with friends.

I plan to have many massages while I am away and eat the best Thai cuisine and learn more about the exotic Thai culture. I will spend some of my time on a tiny farm in the small Thai village in the north, near Lomsak, where I hope to get my hands dirty and do as the locals do, farm, eat, talk and sleep. One thing for sure there will be no distractions from mobile phones or Facebook, only time to be in the present. I love it because no one speaks English but we laugh a lot trying to understand each other.

I’m enjoying all my Dash. Your Dash will be different to mine, it’s so important to make it your own.

If you want to find out how to build a new home business to help you and your family live their Dash I’m a great coach.

Come join me, the more the merrier.