The joy of ‘Dancing Like a Diva’

What a wonderful afternoon it was, as a group of proud women ‘Danced Like Divas’ at the Balgowlah Bowling Club.

In fact, we danced so sensually that I cannot say with any certainty whether the bowlers at the club survived as we caught them peeking into the room, and I do hope that the venue had an AED device on hand.

For those who have not experienced Burlesque, the best way to describe it is Exotic! Erotic! Provocative! And above all else Sensual!

Its history traces back to the 1800’s, with the ladies of Burlesque being raunchy comedians and dancers with a twist, holding their audience with heart racing anticipation of the potential for a glimpse of bare flesh.

Ageing Fearlessly

The ladies of the Burlesque thrilled audiences in the 1800s

It was our determination to pay tribute to these ground breaking performers and we did not hold back, kicking off the warm up with some pretty sexy moves.

Our ladies were seductive, shaking and shimmering, determined to follow the lead of our Burlesque expert Sharyne Jewell as she got us into the groove of all things Burlesque!

The boa and the hands are all about drawing attention to where you want the audience to look. Every move is cheeky and a little bit provocative.

Ageing Fearlessly

The Boas were a huge hit!

Of course for the first timers there was giggles and edge of embarrassment, which quickly gave way to the sensual nature of the dance, as Sharyne took us through the history of Burlesque.

The best part of the day was watching the inhibitions disappear, as we all embraced the fun of Burlesque, discovering what a tease the gloves area and the real art involved in removing them slowly, sensually and with attitude.

The ‘fans’ were possibly the most fun, they were beautiful, colourful and when done right had a hypnotic fluency that felt as amazing to watch as to use in the performance.

Ageing Fearlessly

The fans transcended age as a mother and daughter proved

It was brilliant day and all had a ball playing dress up and transporting ourselves back to a time when it was the hint of what you might see was were the sexy was!

The day was about empowering women, to have them love, embrace and be proud of the body they have, to get in touch with their femininity.

Shape and size does not define how attractive we are, as it is our attitude that counts.

I am pleased to say that no bowlers were injured in the making of this event, although I am sure that for those that did peek may have headed home looking for some alone time with their partner.

Who can blame them as such is the power of Burlesque!